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2009-08-30 03:23 pm

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Hello, Dreamwidth universe!

I'm not sure precisely why I've been wanting to get on here, but I have. Maybe it's because I <3 LJ so much, but want to feel the elitism of having been part of something since Beta. That is, assuming DW ever takes off in any meaningful capacity...

Anyway, yeah. I have breenah (I wonder what the journal-link code is..) to thank for my entry here, so: thank you breenah! :) Having only one friend/subscriber/circle-jerker/whateverit'scalled on here makes the question of first-vs-third person pronouns confusing...

So, I guess this is just a marker, an inaugural "Hello, Dreamdwidth, look at me" post. It is the day after Michael Jackson's birthday, I am 24, and it's not too awfully hot outside. I think I'll go see some free Grizzly Bear at the Williamburg Waterfront.